About Me

Here is a short description of my background, just in case you’re wondering.

Professionally, I’m a software engineer/architect, originally from the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Computer Science.  While still in school, I began working full time for EMC Corporation in the Symmetrix Storage Platform division.  It was a fun time, I learned a ton, and met so many brilliant people.  Most importantly, it allowed me to see how a multi-billion dollar company functioned at scale. From that experience, I determined that I wanted to build my own company some day.  However, before doing so I wanted to see how companies were built from the other end of the spectrum.  I joined a small 20 person software development organization called Lime Brokerage for just that reason.  Lime was an automated broker dealer that made high frequency trading software that catered to algorithmic traders.  Again, it was an excellent opportunity to work with brilliant people in an environment which allowed me to take ownership of projects from end to end.

After my tenure at Lime Brokerage, I decided to start a company of my own.  In 2012, I Co-Founded CoachUp, Inc. with my good friends, Jordan Fliegel and Gabe Durazo.  CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private coaches.  We believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in both sports + life.  As CTO, I was responsible for architecting and implementing all technology as well as building the entire engineering team.

CoachUp is a very personal business for me.  Growing up, I was an avid sailor and spent every summer traveling the nation to compete in various regattas.  Neither one of my parents were involved in the sport, however, through the help of a private coach I was able to learn quickly and compete at a high level.  Because of the coaching I received, I was able to compete  in college, where I sailed for 4 years on BU’s Varsity Sailing Team.  I started CoachUp because of the impact the sport of sailing had on my life. I want to give everyone the opportunity to receive personalized coaching at a comfortable price point in hopes that their lives will be positively impacted in the same way as mine.

In my free time, I still sail as much as possible, but I’m also a very avid skier.  I first learned to ski when I was around five or six years old in the Pocono mountains of northern Pennsylvania. Unlike sailing, I left skiing as a leisure activity and never participated in any competitions or racing. While in college, I stayed active in the sport by running the Boston University’s Ski and Board Club for a couple years before graduating.

I love to talk shop, so feel free to contact me and chat about startups, sailing, skiing, or anything else in which you’re interested!


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