Monthly Archives: January 2018

Use the Right Tool for the Job

The AI/automation revolution is here. How can companies keep up?

AI / Automation is great, but it’s not an answer in itself. As with anything, you need to focus on using the right tool for the job. There are things that AI is great at, and there are things at which it’s terrible! Knowing how to select the right things to automate and where to use AI effectively is what will make the difference for innovative companies.

Give People a Peek Behind the Curtain

Name one less-commonly known way that brands can use social media to increase transparency with their audience/consumers.

Creating a social media account dedicated to showing life at your company is the best way to humanize your brand. When people see everyday office life, they subconsciously feel more connected to your brand, which leads to a greater sense of trust. It’s easy to get started… just create a lifeAt[your company name] social media account, and start posting!

Customer Advocacy will Be Crucial in the Future

What do you predict will become crucial to a successful brand strategy in 2018 as new trends emerge and gain ground?

With the rise of social media as platforms, it’s becoming easier for everyone to have a voice and advocate for products and services they love (the converse is also true for services they dislike). Going forward, brands really need to go the extra mile and ensure they’re delivering 110% on their promises, or the results will be catastrophically amplified.

Past Behavior is the Best Indicator of Future Performance

When evaluating potential new hires, what is your best secret tip to finding the right person who will complement your existing team and help your business grow to new heights?

The best way to determine if new hires are a good fit is bring them on for a short contracting engagement first. There’s no better way to see how they perform on a daily basis than to have them work as part of your team for a few months. I’ve always found the best hires have come from folks who have proven themselves during a short ‘temp’ period. It really takes all the guess work out of hiring!

Treat it like Another Day in the Office

When you work from home for the day, what is the first thing you do to minimize distractions and set yourself up for productivity?

The best way to maximize productivity at home is to re-create an office environment as much as possible. I treat any day WFH as though I’m in the office. I start with writing down 3 things I want to achieve that day and then work tirelessly to make sure I get through them. The best guard to your productivity is an office door that you can close, so try to set up in a room that can be closed off.