Always build technology related to your core business

When considering building new technology to serve his or her business vs. using an existing SaaS product, what is the most important factor an entrepreneur should consider?

The easiest way to answer this question is to truly understand your business needs. The build vs. buy question is easily answered by determining if the technology is core to your business. You should always build technology that is core to your business. After all, it’s this technology that sets you apart from every other company out there…it’s what makes you unique. Never outsource core components of your business. If the technology is ancillary and it’s purpose is to make your business operate smother or more efficiently, then you should not waste time building these services and instead go with someone else’s SaaS solution. Remember the adage ‘Stick to what you’re good at’. Build your core competencies yourself and use others’ products to make up for areas in which you do not specialize.