Monthly Archives: October 2014

Always Research a Company Before Interviewing

It sounds strange, but you wouldn’t believe the number of job applicants that come in for an interview without even doing basic research on the company. I remember an applicant who not only did research on CoachUp, but also booked a private coach through the site and came to the interview with very directed questions as to why we made various decisions in the user flow … AND he offered his own solutions as to how we could improve!

Never Waste Time Motivating Employees

What is the best (inexpensive) way to reward employees who are consistently great or who go above and beyond what you expected? Motivation should never be an issue in the workplace. If you need to spend time motivating employees, then you should hire better people. I reward employees who are consistently great with new and exciting opportunities and responsibilities. Ultimately, if an employee regularly goes above and beyond, the greatest reward is more responsibility (because that’s what they’re craving anyway).

Understand Investors and Advisors on a Personal Level

Get to know your investors on a personal level, outside of a business setting. Knowing how a person acts and behaves when they are not at work is much more telling as to their personality. Remember, money is a commodity… it’s everywhere and you can take investments from anyone you choose. When building a business, it’s important to take investments from people who are knowledgable and can give you council. Never take money just for the sake of taking money.

Employees Who Socialize Outside of Work Make for Stronger Teams

I generally love it when employees hang out outside of work. Generally speaking, this normally leads to strong bonds / relationships between employees which means more happiness at the office. One of the indicators that leads to employee happiness is having a best friend at work, which is much more likely to happen if your employees spend time together outside of the office. Having a tight knit group of employers is crucial when it comes to overall company culture as well as talent retention.