Do not focus on email

What is one time management “commandment” you use to stay focused?

Email is the single largest hindrance to productivity.  I set aside 1 hour a day to focus on email.  That’s it.

Remember, when you live in your inbox, you’re focusing your energy on accomplishing what OTHER people want you to get done instead of what is most imperative for your business.

Inbox zero is not something that you should strive for.  Whenever I hear someone say that they are an ‘Inbox Zeroer’ I think to myself ‘Wow, I wonder how much more productive this person could have been if they weren’t putting all of their effort into clearing out their inbox’.

Instead, focus on what you need to get done to drive your business forward and stop wasting time on what other people are asking you to focus on.  You know what your business needs better than anyone else. Trust yourself, and execute!