On Deck Cup Sports Hackathon

I wanted to write a quick blog post to let folks know about a couple of upcoming events in which the CoachUp engineering team will be involved.

The first event is the On Deck Cup regional sports hackathon.  Come join the CoachUp engineering team as well as others from the tech and sports industries for a weekend of innovation, hacking and general merriment!  The event is going to be held the weekend of September 7th-8th right here at CoachUp’s office!

The On Deck Cup is an offshoot of the On Deck Sports and Technology Conference.  The goal of the conference is to spotlight some of the coolest and most innovative technologies improving the life of the sports fan.

Here is a brief synopsis from the On Deck Cup website:

“… we’re organizing the On Deck Cup to provide support and attention to some of the most talented innovators in the sports technology space. Our hope is that the On Deck Cup series will foster innovative new projects and collaborations that, when fleshed out over time, could materially impact the sports industry in years to come.

We also aim to give the best of the best projects to emerge from the On Deck Cup series additional exposure by putting these projects (and their creators) front and center at the On Deck West conference, where top teams will demo their projects in front of hundreds attendees from the sports technology and sports business worlds. And of course, we’ve got some great prizes on offer for the best projects of the On Deck Cup series.”


What: On Deck Cup Sports Hackathon


CoachUp’s office
355 Congress St.
4th Floor
Boston, MA 02210


September 7th-8th

How to get involved:

Visit the eventbrite website and sign up! Click here for the On Deck Sports eventbrite sign up.

Have any great ideas for sports related apps?  Would love to hear of any in the comments section!